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Product Sticker Printing Custom Adhesive Brand Logo Label Rolls

Product Sticker Printing Custom Adhesive Brand Logo Label Rolls

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Custom Label Crafts Cute Manufacturer
Washi paper,vinyl paper,PET,PVC etc
Decoration DIY CraftsMaskinghighlight
Waterproof, UV resistant, Permanent, Removable.
Could be customized / Shape could be die-cut shape
Surface Finishing
Glossy,Matte,Hot stamp Emboss
Finished Effect
Kiss cut shape / Sheet / roll
CMYK and pantone color
Custom Package
Opp bag,paper box,Back card etc
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Bulk Time Around 10 - 15 working days.
By Air or Sea. We have high-leval contracted partner of DHL , Fedex , UPS and Other International.
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It is an automatic printing product, which can be completely printed on non film. The original single batch printing is improved by using dry plate. Each component is a high-speed marking machine, which can reduce the opinions of misplacing.

Product introduction:

Product sticker printing custom self-adhesive brand logo label roll. These are very suitable for marketing and branding your products. As an identification point, they can be used for packaging, leaflets and other promotional materials. Our label is made of high-quality polyester film with back glue, which will not leave any residue when torn off. We can provide you with a variety of materials to choose from, including waterproof vinyl and adhesive backing paper.
We are a professional customized self-adhesive printing and product label printing factory, producing customized self-adhesive labels, product self-adhesive labels and other labels. We have 4 years of sticker making experience and 7 years of label making experience. We use the best materials to print product stickers and customize brand logo label volumes. Our self-adhesive labels are made of polyimide film, which is very strong, waterproof and heat-resistant. Printing will not fade easily. It can be used in electronic components, telecommunications, automotive industry and other industries. Our product self-adhesive printing custom self-adhesive brand logo label roll is an ideal choice for high-performance labels, such as labels for the construction industry, or other applications that require permanent, waterproof and weatherproof products.
If you want to display your brand, logo or information on an easy to paste, durable and waterproof protective label, custom printed adhesive and product sticker printing (product sticker, self-adhesive label) are ideal for your company Product stickers are very suitable for laptops, furniture, windows, mobile phones and other products! Our stickers and labels are printed on high-quality self-adhesive paper (smooth and matte finish). We use the industry's highest standard printing technology to ensure that we can maintain rich and bright colors after the passage of time. We provide you with customized product self-adhesive printing to make your own logo labels of various shapes and sizes so that you can paste the labels anywhere. Stickers are easy to paste and remove, leaving no residue like vinyl stickers. They are ideal for promotional gifts, business gifts, holiday gifts or any other occasion. Custom sticker printing is a one-stop shop for all your label and product protection needs. We focus on making high-quality full-color labels suitable for any size surface. We have a variety of permanent self-adhesive labels, removable self-adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive vinyl rolls and other special products to choose from.

Product sticker printing customized self-adhesive brand logo label roll features: a. Dimensions: width 6 "~ 36". Length: 50 yards, 75 yards, 100 yards, etc. choose according to your preference B. color: screen printing, UV coating or color sticker C. viscosity: strong adhesive for indoor and outdoor. d。 Laminate: PVC / pet or polyester laminated paper E. surface treatment: high specification (120gsm-220gsm) F. matte lamination or gloss lamination can be provided. G 。 Base paper material: high grade kraft paper, thickness 68gsm ~ 300gsm H. Special packing bags that provide additional protection before shipment I Other printing services include offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc

Product design:

Our product stickers are designed with easy to read text and universal shape, so they can be applied to all kinds of surfaces. Custom self-adhesive stickers allow you to place them on almost any surface. Our self-adhesive label is very suitable for product packaging and making all your products visible. Product sticker prints are customizable and durable, printed in any size, shape and color, and we can use any type of logo you have. All stickers are made of high-quality vinyl material with strong back glue. Product sticker printing customized self-adhesive brand logo label roll is a kind of brand logo sticker or label. Product sticker printing custom self-adhesive brand logo label roll can be made into any size you like, high-quality printing and good durability. Product sticker printing custom self-adhesive brand logo label roll is supplied to our customers.
Drum is the most common type of label used in daily life. It can be pasted on products as luxury goods, and can also be identified and guided when using goods. These stickers are printed with high-quality adhesive and are very suitable for building high-quality brands. The special design ensures that the adhesive surface adheres to the product better than other labels with staples, such as boxes and laptops. We offer a wide range of product stickers to print and customize your logo. Our product label is made of high-quality vinyl film with transparent adhesive on the back, which can be easily pasted on any surface. The ink is UV resistant and waterproof, and can withstand any light and weather conditions. You can use them to brand your products or use them as item logos on your car.

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